October 3, 2011


Seriously, i can never keep close to my cita2. Last post? Bile weh?
Well i dont blame me, i blame the situation yg lansung tak membenarkan diri ini berkembang pesat dalam bidang blogging. n here i am, trying. again.

so here's some bits of the past many2 months.

My dearest friends got married....

n i did too!!!! 
(nnt la post lain cerita pasal kawen walaupun dah basi)

January 4, 2011

Killing for experience.

Kisah ikan aku.

Tragedi. Ini memang tragedi. Meragut nyawa 2 makhluk tak berdosa. Tapi takpelah, acu saaaaaaayang acap!!! Muahs muahs.

Tak penah pegi trafalgar square.

Lela: Eh banyaknye pigeons!
Pipa: Ah comelnye! amek gamba aku Lelaa!! Aku nak kejar2 macam kat london.
Lela: Jakon.

Pipa: kesian aku kan?

January 3, 2011

Big Cats meet the rabbit.

For those who were born on 1986, yes, we are the Fire Tigers. meeting the Rabbits of 2011. This will definitely be a glorious glorious day for us big cats. Reminiscing all the years we went thru, terlalu la banyak good memories, bad memories, sweet memories and of course forgettable memories. For most of us big cats, this year  will be a life changing year. Kawen sane, kawen sini. And that, includes me.

yes. i am scared.
but yes, i am excited.

n sebab nak kawen jugak, i am getting rid of all the lousy stupid memories of other men n make space for my soon-to-be husband. Weee! Gunting! gunting!

January 2, 2011

hai 2011.

2nd January. It took me a day to accept that it was already 2011. Baru ade feel nak start doing all 10 of my new year's resolution. Sebab smalam was a little bit sucky. ngaaa.... New year, new blog. Lagi??? As some of my friends dah tau, i had written 3 blogs previously. And after a few entries, i quit. ahahaha. (what does that say?) Lets hope this one stays. And yet, harini baru aku nak stat tulis. itupun lepas kene perli dgn my dear good friend, Beda. Tgk nih!

Ngahahaha!!! O'o. kene stop. Kekande dah memanggil. :D